Looking for a unique gift? This handmade lehua heart-shaped pendant is perfect for lovers of native Hawaiian flowers!
Creative Process:
When the ʻōhiʻa lehua trees in my yard were in bloom, I pressed lehua blossoms into a thin clay slab and cut the slab into a heart-shaped pendant. As the clay dried over several days, I carved fine details and smoothed out rough edges. The pendant was bisque fired, glazed on both front and back with Duncan Envision glazes, hung from high-temperature rods and fired a second time in the kiln. Finally, a sterling silver snap-on bail and adjustable black satin cord was attached.
Note: The snap-on bail is not suitable for children and is intended for adults only.
Approximate Dimensions of Pendant C:
Length: 1 1/4 inch
Width:   1 1/4  inch
Front Design: Red lehua blossom, green stems, and royal blue background.
Back Design: Royal blue with dots in other shades of blue.

Lehua Heart-Shaped Ceramic Pendant

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