According to legend, along time ago, only the 'alae 'ula (Hawaiian moorhen) knew how to make fire. In order to make life easier for his people, the Hawaiian hero and demi-god Maui tricked the 'alae 'ula and forced them into giving him their secret, the knowledge and skill of making fire.  In their struggle with Maui, the 'alae 'ula birds were burned; all their descendants now have a streak of red and yellow flame on their bill.


This ceramic brooch was hand crafted by me personally: Formed from clay, dried,  bisque fired at Cone 04, glazed, and refired at Cone 06 .  A brooch pin was attached using E-6000 adhesive and cured for 72 hours.



Length: 1 7/8 inches

Width:   2 inches

Depth (not including brooch pin): 1/8 inch


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'Alae 'Ula (Hawaiian Moorhen) Handmade Ceramic Brooch

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