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My Inspiration

From O'ahu trails to Big Island Forests

Hawai'i's amazing birds inspire me! As a child born and raised in these islands, I loved hiking in the forests above my home on  O'ahu. I began photographing and painting backyard birds on T-shirts for family and friends in the late 1980's.

In January 2015, I began carving Hawaiian endemic birds and plants on clay in the studio of my mentor, Lisa Louise Adams. I also took classes from other Hawai'i-Island potters, including Emily Herb, Shannon Hickey, and Eric Wold.  I now have my own kiln and studio.

My ceramic art has been included at the following exhibitions on Hawai'i Island:

  • Hawai'i Nei Juried Exhibition 2015, Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI;

  • Hawai'i Nei Juried Exhibition, 2016, Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI;

  • Return of the 'Alala: Restoring the Voice of Hawai'i's Native Forests Juried Exhibition (2016), Volcano Art Center, Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, HI;

  • MidSummer Art Celebration, 2018 - 2nd Annual All Media Juried Exhibition, Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI;

  • Art by Hand: Contemporary Craft Juried Exhibit, 2018, Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI; and

  • Hawai'i Nei Juried Exhibition, 2019, Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI.

  • Abstract! Only 10th Annual Juried Exhibition, 2020, Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI.

  • Hawai'i Nei Juried Exhibition, 2020, Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI

  • Midsumer Art Celebration, 2021 - 5th Annual All Media Juried Exhibition, Wailoa Center, Hilo, HI.

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"Dappled Things" (ceramic mosaic featuring a Palila perched on mamane leaves and blossoms) earned an Honorable Mention (3D, Amateur) at the Hawai'i Nei Exhibition, 2020. 


Looking for a one-of-a kind gift?


New! Heart-shaped Hawaiian bird pendants! Seven designs available  9/26/2021 at Ben Franklin Crafts "My Locker" #80: 'io, 'apapane (pictured above) 'i'iwi, 'alae 'ula, pueo, & palila.

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My Etsy Shop has lots of ceramic art featuring  Hawai'i's native plants and birds, such as wall hangings, trivets, tile-topped wood keepsake boxes, and even ceramic jewelry.  Three Hawaiian bird pendants are available in my Etsy shop: 'i'iwi, kiwikiu (pictured) , and palila (pictured).

Free shipping within the USA.

I strive to bring awareness of Hawai'i's endemic birds and plants through my art.  A portion of my art sales supports Hawai'i non-profit conservation organizations working to save Hawai'i's endangered species and habitats, such as Three Mountain Alliance and Na Koa Manu Conservation.

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